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19 July 2013

From the Color Club Wanderlust Collection: Reign in Spain + Pardon My French Reviews + Swatches

 Reign in Spain is a lovely, neon coral, but that's where its draw ends. The formula is thick and streaky, and the only way I could get my nails to look nice with these polishes is apply a really thick top coat. I, of course, chose Seche Vite. So 3/5 for this one only because the color is amazing. 

 Pardon My French is difficult to photograph. This photo shows it being more pink, but it's actually a bright, purple with more blue in it. It also applies streaky, and I needed Seche Vite to make this one work as well. 3/5, again because the color is very pretty. 

The entire mini collection! I'll be reviewing the other two polishes shortly. I bought mine from Birchbox, and I'm pretty sure it's the only place to purchase it unless you want to pay exorbitant prices on ebay. It's a mini-set, and it's 8.00 USD on Birchbox, plus shipping if you're not a member. 

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