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13 August 2013

Josie Maran Bestselling Argan Skincare Ritual Review

The set is 24 USD at Sephora, and it contains the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil, Argan Oil, and Argan Daily Moisturizer. 

In the set you get a 1.5 fl. oz. (55 ml) bottle of Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil. The packaging says that it is "self-heating" and that it removes makeup without drying out the skin. The user is directed to massage it into dry skin, then massage with warm water, and rinse it off. 
The cleanser itself is pretty thick for a cleansing oil, much more like a gel than any cleansing oil product I have ever used. It has a soft, citrus scent, but the scent does not linger on the skin. Once applied to the skin, there is a warming sensation, but it only lasts for a few seconds. 
The cleanser does remove face makeup well, but I have found that with mascara it makes my lashes stick together, and it does not remove the mascara at all. I have to use a separate eye makeup remover with this one. 
I feel like this cleanser removes my face makeup well, but my skin does not really feel clean after using it. I always feel like I need to use a separate cleanser when I finish with this one. 
I do not think this is anything anyone should rush to try, and I will not be purchasing the full size. It is far too expensive for how poorly it performs. 

The famous Josie Maran Argan Oil! This set comes with  a .5 fl. oz (15 ml) dropper bottle of the pure, organic, argan oil.  The packaging says this is lightweight, and it heals and conditions the skin as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
I have to say that I really, really enjoy using this as a facial moisturizer both day and night. I have fairly dry skin, but I never get dry patches or anything. Because this oil is in a dropper bottle, I place a drop on three fingers and pat it into my skin. It is a little time consuming, but the end result is well moisturized skin. It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin, and my face never looks oily. I use this in the mornings under another moisturizer as well, and I have no had any issues with makeup application, looking oily, or makeup breakdown. 
I do not have wrinkles or any noticeable lines on my face, so I cannot speak to the oils performance as pertains to those claims. 
While I do like the oil, I think it is overpriced. It is not difficult to find organic argan oil for much cheaper than what Josie Maran charges, and it all comes from the same place anyway. 
My only complaint about this product is the packaging. The dropper bottle is not the most efficient way to use the product. I would consider purchasing the full size if I could not find another argan oil that feels as nice on the skin as this one. 

The set includes a .5 fl. oz. (15 ml) bottle of the Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF 40. The moisturizer contains 9.5% titanium dioxide and 6.0% zinc oxide as sunscreen, which I appreciate as I cannot use chemical sunscreens on my face. The claims for this one are the same for all facial moisturizers containing sunscreen: non-greasy, protection from UVA/UVB, and naturally scented. It is in a glass bottle with a pump, which is appreciated. 

As far as the scent goes, it is weird. It reminds me of topical decongestants, like Vicks VapoRub or something. The scent does not linger on the skin, but it is not what I want something I put on my face to smell like. The moisturizer also tingles a bit when applied. I do not like that. 

On its own, this does not moisturize my face well, but I would guess that it would work fine for some with normal to oily skin. As I said, I do have rather dry skin. It works just fine over the argan oil. It does, however, feel like it is peeling off of my face. 
Because of the scent, the lack of moisturization, the tingling, and the weird peeling I would not ever purchase the full size of this moisturizer. It is very expensive for what it is. 

All of the products in this kit are paraben, cruelty, gluten, and synthetic fragrance free, and they are vegan. They are made with organic argan oil and all natural ingredients. Josie Maran is an excellent company, so I do not have a problem paying the higher prices for the products that actually work well. Two out of the three in this set are not for me, and I would not recommend them to others. 

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